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Boris of the Day #4: Boris and the Elephant Trap.

The 24th April 1998 marks Boris Johnson’s debut on the BBC’s popular political satirical quiz show, Have I Got News For You (HIGNFY). During the regular ‘Odd One Out’ round, Ian Hislop’s team (consisting of Hislop and Janet Street-Porter) answered a question on the topic of phone-tapping. After a giving a ‘perfect answer’, Hislop then proceeded to quiz Boris about his own phone-tapping scandal involving himself, and old school friend named Darius Guppy.

The Mail on Sunday published a transcript of the recorded conversation in which Guppy asked Boris to supply the home address and telephone number of News of the World journalist Stuart Collier. Guppy wanted Boris to assist him in physically attacking Collier to which Boris appears to have reluctantly agreed. Although the story is quite obviouly controversial in nature, there is no evidence to suggest that Boris acted upon Guppy’s requests. Nevertheless, Boris takes a grilling from the HIGNFY panel before remarking that he’s just walked into an “elephant trap”.

So, here it is your BORIS OF THE DAY #4. (Note: This video is quite dated as the end credits refer to him as being the MP for Henley. As of 2011, Boris is the Mayor of London – A fact that we all know well enough)

(credit goes to raggedclown for posting the video)


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